『ICONICS』VOLUME-11 2014 ¥2,000.-
ICONICS (Information)
ITAKURA Fumiaki/Editorial
OKUBO Ryo/The Magic Lantern Show and Its Spectators during Late Ninteenth-Century Japan: Control of Perception in Lantern Shows for Education and News Report of Sino-Japanese War
WASHITANI Hana/The Revival of “Gentou” (magic lantern, filmstrips, slides) in Showa Period Japan: Focusing on Its Developments in the Media of Post-war Social Movements
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-10(1987-2010)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.84(2010)-No.91(2013)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-10 2010 ¥2,000.-
ICONICS (Information)
Inubuse Masakazu/Editorial
Martin Lefebvre/Pragmatism and the Interpretation of Films
Marc Cerisuelo/La Fin du Grand Sommeil de l’Introuvable Dame du Lac
A. L. Rees/Liquid Cinema and the Watery Substance of Vision
Okubo Ryo/Kinodrama: Modernity and the Montage of Stage and Screen in Early Twentieth-Century Japan
Kanno Yuka/The “Eternal Virgin” Reconsidered: Hara Setsuko in Contexts
Ryan M. Cook/Strange Bedfellows: Hasumi Shigehiko and Ōshima Nagisa on Sex, Censorship and Cinema
Naoki Yamamoto/Where Did the Bluebird of Happiness Fly? Bluebird Photoplays and the Reception of American Films in 1910s Japan
Jonathan M. Hall/Kneeling on Broken Glass: Psychoanalysis and Japan Film Studies
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-9(1987-2006)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.76(2006)-No.83(2009)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-9 2008 ¥2,000.-
ICONICS (Information)
NAGATA Yasushi/Editorial
Victor Margolin/Representations of Ethnicity in USSR IN CONSTRUCTION, 1930-1941
Earl JACKSON, Jr./Entertaining Otherness: Difference and Identity in Contemporary Japanese Cinema
Stephane SYMONS/Philosophy and Cinema: Siegfried Kracauer’s Theory of Film
UEDA Manabu/Child Spectators and the Modern City in the Early 1910s: An Analysis of Kisha katsudō shashinkan
KINOSHITA Kosuke/Focalization and Point of View in the Cinema
SASAKI Yusuke/La problematique postmoderne de Raymond Depardon
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-8(1987-2006)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.76(2006)-No.79(2007)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-8 2006 ¥2,000.-
ICONICS (Information)
Masakatsu KANEKO/Editorial
Francesco CASETTI/Film: The Gaze of its Age
PARK Pyung-jong/La transparence et l’opacité de l’objet visible
SATOW Morihiro, translated by Lori HITCHCOCK MORIMOTO/Representing “Old Japan”: Yokohama Shashin and the Visual Culture of the Late 19th Century
NOZAKI Yasuo/Die Lichtspieltheater als Brücke zwischen Architektur und dem Medium Film
Cobus VAN STADEN/Exporting Stories : Global Capitalism, Narrative Design and Anime
AKAI Toshio/An Entirely Political Text : A Study on Tamil Films and their Socio-Political Background
TSUTSUMI Ryuichiro/Finding an Alter Ego : The Triple-Double Structure of Brother
KURIHARA Utako/Performative and Auditory Characteristics of the Audiovisual CD Books Midnight Play and Alphabet based on Květa Pacovská’s Picture Books
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-7(1987-2004)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.72(2004)-No.75(2005)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-7 2004 ¥2,000.-
ICONICS (Information)
Ayako SAITO/Editorial
Francesco CASETTI/Film:The Gaze of its Age
Erkki HUHTAMO/Elements of Screenology:Toward an Archaeology of the Screen
Laurent JULLIER/Pour une “histoire naturelle” des styles cinématographiques
FUJIOKA Atsuhiro, translated by Lori HITCHCOCK/Function and Form in the Early Period of the Nyusu eigakan(News Movie Theater)
Michael FITZHENRY/Journalistic Film ─A Trend in Japanese Cinema in the 1920s and 1930s
FUJIKI Hideaki/Dual Persona:Onoe Matsunosuke as Japan’s Early Cinema Star
INUI Yukiko/Delivering Coal Mines:Advertising Photographic Postcards of the Coal Mining Industry in England
NOZAKI Yasuo/Kinokultur und die Entstehung der Filmkritik im Berlin der Weimar Republik
USUI Michiko/Hitchcock’s “Restricted Space”
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-6(1987-2002)
ICONICS Volume 6 (2002) Errata
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.68(2002)-No.71(2003)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-6 2002 ¥2,000.-
ICONICS (Information)
Aaron GEROW/Editorial
Donald CRAFTON/Planes Crazy:Disney’s Transformations of Pictorial Space
Jean-Pierre ESQUENAZI/Qu’est-ce qu’un film?
FUJII Jinshi/Films That Do Culture:A Discursive Analysis of Bunka Eiga, 1935-1945
KITADA Rié/Sous-titres du muet:de l’art muet au parlant à travers la presse francophone
MINAGUCHI Kiseko/Yamamoto Satsuo’s Haha no kyokuMother’s Melody):Making a Father’s Story of Stella Dallas
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-5(1987-2000)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.64(2000)-No.67(2001)
ICONICS Volume 6 (2002) Errata
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-5 2000 ¥2,000.-
ICONICS (Information)
Aaron GEROW/Editorial
Frank KESSLER/In the Realm of the Fairies:Early Cinema between Attraction and Narration
TAKEUCHI Keiko/“The Way We Were”:Michael Balcon and Alfred Hitchcock in British Cinema
KITAMURA Hiroshi/Since You Went Away, World War II, and Classical Hollywood’s Discourse of Entertainment
OKUMURA Masaru/Über den Einfluβ der Deutschen Wochenchau auf die japanischen Nihon Nyusu während des zweiten Weltkrieges
HARA Mariko/How Far Are Japanese Wartime Newsreels Reliable Academic Sources?:A View from the Perspective of Socio-cultural Anthropology
Jerome F. SHAPIRO/The Bomb, Japanese Aesthetic Traditions, and Japan’s Most Important Film:Gojira
Scott BUKATMAN/The Boys in the Hoods:Glossing the Urban Superhero
WATANABE Aiko/Consuming Nostalgia:Screen Adaptations of British Literary Classics in Postmodernity
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vol.4(1998)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.60(1998)-No.63(1999)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-4 1998 ¥2,000.-
Editorial Committee
Kiyoshi TAKEDA/Editorial
Philip ROSEN/Old and New : Image, Indexicality and Historicity in the Digital Utopia
Michèle LAGNY/Histoire sans passé: film et construction du temps historique
Mikiro KATO/Seeing Holocaust Films
Masato HASE/Cinemaphobia in Taisho Japan : Zigomar, Delinquent Boys and Somnambulism
Ayako SAITO/Madame de Melancholy
Susanne SCHERMANN/Die eigenartige Faszination des Regisseurs Naruse Mikio
Chidananda DASGUPTA/Modernism and Mythicality in the Films of Satyajit Ray
Emiko NISIZAWA/Essai sur la peinture moderne et la photographie
Table Contents of ICONICS Back Issues :
ICONICS Vol.1-3》 (International Edition)
ICONICS no.53-59》(Japanese Edition)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-3 1994 ¥2,000.-
Keiji ASANUMA/Le Tombeau de Christian Metz
Marc VERNET/Le Fétiche dans la thèorie et dans l’histoire du cinéma
John BELTON/Sound Technology and Film Style
Hisashi NADA/The Little Cinema Movement in the 1920s and the Introduction of Avant-Garde Cinema in Japan
A. A. Gerow/The Benshi’s New Face:Defining Cinema in Taishō Japan
Yuji ONIKI/In Search of the Real Ozu from “the West”
Shōzō USAMI/The Making of the Interactive Multimedia Program “The Secret of Aunt Mariko”
Table Contents of 《ICONICS no.47-52》Back Issues (Japanese Edition)
Table Contents of 《ICONICS Vol. 1-2》Back Issues (International Edition)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-2 1992 ¥2,000.-
Keiji ASANUMA/Préface
Dudley ANDREW/The Eye and the Mind of the Movies
Jacques GERSTENKORN/Cristallisations
Toru YABU/Art and Photography ─Concerning the Modern Movermint in Design
Hisashi NADA/An Aspect of the Reception of Avant-Garde Film in Japan
Susanne SCHERMANN/Die Stummfilm von Naruse Mikio ─Shōchiku-Kamata, 1930-1934
Gideon AVIVI/A Portrait of the Artist as a Feudal Democrat:on MIZOGUCHI’s Utamaro and his Five Wimen
Koichi HAMAGICHI/Getting Spots or Chronic Hay Fever:A Man Who Could Not Become a Soldier and the Home Front of Small-Town America
Futoshi KOGA/A Review of Pornographic Images in the 1970’s in Japan ─Centered around “’Nikkatsu Roman Porno Film”
Keisuke KITANO/An Examination of Busby Berkely’s Extraordinary Films of the Early 1930’s
Title Index of Back Numbers of 《ICONICS no.37-46》(Japanese Edition)
Contents from the first edition of ICONICS 1987
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


『ICONICS』VOLUME-1 1987 ¥2,000.-
Keiji ASANUMA/Préface
Masaki KONDO/The Intersection of Mi(Me-Body)and Tai(You-Body)in Photography
Keiji ASANUMA/La naissance d’une narration:Essai d’une lecture de la première phase de l’histoire du cinéma
Michel COLIN/La Sémiologie du cinéma come science cognitive
David WILLS/Theories of Spectacle/Spectacles of Theory
Kiyoshi TAKEDA/Le cinéma auto-réflexif:quelques problèmes méthodologiques
Jacques AUMONT/La toile:l’écran, le tableau
Kenji IWAMOTO/Film Criticism and the Study of Cinema in Japan:A Historical Study
Kikuo YAMAMOTO/Ozu and Kabuki
Tadao SATO/La dialectique du jeu des acteurs et de la caméra
Kyoko HIRANO/The Banning of Japanese Period Films by the American Occupation
Title Index of Back Numbers of 《ICONICS no.1-36》(Japanese Edition)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences