Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences (JASIAS)

The Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences is an academic organization established in September 1974 to promote the study of image arts and image sciences. The society consists of people who have academic or creative interests in photography, motion picture, television and other audio-visual communication media, and aims for a broad contribution towards progress in image culture.

There are 808 regular members and 14 associate members as of February 2014.

Organizing committees are as follows:
General Committee
Research Committee
Editional Committee

Research and study committees are organized as follows:
Animation Study
Image Psychology Study
Kansai Branch Summer Seminar
Short Film Studies
Study of Analogue Media
Study of Cinema Bibliographies
Study of Digital Media
Study of Education Method for Visual Images
Study of Film-making & Media Art Expression
Study of Image Theory
Study of Textual Analysis
Study of Transmedia and Art
Study of Video Art

The Annual Convention is held in May or June each year, with research reports and study demonstrations and sometimes with special guest speakers from abroad, such as Dr. Christian METZ, Marcel MARTIN, Ferenc KOSA and Andrzej WAJDA.

In addition to the journals Eizogaku and ICONICS, the Society also publishes the bulletin IMAGE ARTS AND SCIENCES.

Founder MINAMI Hiroshi
President TAKEDA Kiyoshi
Vice President KATO Tetsuhiro

Head Office: c/o College of Art, Nihon University, 2-42-1 Asahigaoka, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 〒176-8525 Japan