Contents of Back Issues of Eizogaku
《ICONICS Japanese Edition》Nos.43-65

No.43, 1991

MASUDA Rei/FSA Photographs—A Study of Three Books of FSA Photographs
OBINATA Kinichi/Fox Talbot’s “The Pencil of Nature”
UENO Osamu/The Discourse of Photography
IIZAWA Kohtaro/From “Pictorialism” to “New Photograph”
Documents of the 16th Annual Meeting of JAPAN SOCIETY OF IMAGE ARTS AND SCIENCES
Index to the Articles of ICONICS (nos. 31-40)
Book Review
MAKINO Mamoru/Bibliography of Books on Movies by Kyohei TSUJI

No.44, 1991

WATANABE Shin/Word and Image
YABU Toru/On Several Phases of the “Bauhaus Photographie”
YOSHIZUMI Takeshi/Everyday Clithes and Camera Images
ASAI Toshihiro/The Little Myth of NOSTALGIA—mention of ‘La Chamble Claire’
HASHIMOTO Eiji/Photography Without Looking
IHARA Hisayasu/The Two Problems of Advertising Design Suggested in Rhetorique de l’image
ITO Hiroshi/Image and Performance
HONGO Fumio/Reconsideration of “The Flicker”
FUJITA Haruhiko/Reflections on the Claude Glass—in the Northern Light

No.45, 1991

HIRAMATSU Shuji/ the Early Days
MOTOKI Toshio/Vodeo Media in the Future
YOKOTA Masao/Films as Simulation
NISHIZAWA Emiko/Analogie entre le livre et le cinéma
ARIYOSHI Jun/Analysis of Postmodern Character in Video Clips—What Did Video Clips bring in 1980’s?
MAKINO Mamoru/Relations between Taihei Imamura and Hichi Sugiyama in Sugiyama’s Biography of Imamura

No.46, 1992

NAKAJIMA Yoshiaki/An Inroduction to Psychology of Visual Images
SUMI Shigemasa/Completeness and Incompleteness in Visual Perception
UCHIDA Nobuko/Development of Cognitive Function Underlying ‘cut-back’ Comprehension
FUKUDA Yuki/The Relationship between A Point-of-View in Visual Image and Story 
WAKABAYASHI Akio/Portrayal and Cognition of Personality in a Film;Personality of Sherlock Holmes
YAMADA Hiroshi/A Mood-congruent Effect on the Recognition of Facial Expressions of Emotions
Book Reviews
DEGUCHI Takehito/Toshio MATSUMOTO, A Study of IMAGES–Institution, Border Transgression, Formation of Sign

No.47, 1992

A Special Issue on “Image and / or Philosophy”
MASUNARI Takashi/Philosophy through Images, in Images: To the Present, and for the Future
J.Dudley ANDREW/Merleau-Ponty and Cinema Studies-Sensation, Perception, Histoire: Ça c’est du cinéma
KOMATSU Hiroshi, TAKEDA Kiyoshi/Film History and Film Theory-Around Hiroshi KOMATSU: Cinema of Origin
ITO Takako/Romantik in den Silhouetten-Über die Plantscape (die Pflanzenlandschaft) von den Scherenscnitten Philipp Otto Runges
Book Review
TAKEDA Kiyoshi/Christian Metz. L’Enonciation impersonnelle, ou le site du film, Paris, Méridiens Klincksieck, 1991.

No.48, 1993

A Special Issue on “The Education of Image Arts and Sciences”
MATSUMOTO Toshio/The Present Problems of “The Education of Image Arts and Sciences”
SATO Tadao/The Study of Films
USAMI Shozo/On Screen Education
HATANO Tetsuro, chairman of the investigation committee/The Report of the Investigation of Educational Activities on ‘Image Arts and Sciences’ (2)

No.49, 1993

A Special Issue on “Aspects of the Media Museum”
MORIOKA Yoshitomo/Lineage of Anti-museum Ideology and Tendency Toward Media-assisted Museums
YAMAGUCHI Katsuhiro/How Should Moving Images Be Displayed in Museums?
SAKANE Itsuo/Age of Imaginaru Museum
HAMAZAKI Koji/The Way of Constitution of a New Media; High-Definition, Digital Image and Network System in Museum – The Case of Kawasaki City Museum –
YAMAMOTO Keigo/B-ISDN Age of Video and Art Museum
SHIMIZU Eiichi, Fuminori YOKOE, Tomoe MORIYAMA/Plan and Realization for the Grand Opening of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
GOTO Kazuhiko/An Imaginarium Planned in Tokyo
NAKAMURA Koichi/Cinematographic Eye and Expression in Vermeer’s Paintings – On His Use of the Camera Obscura-
IGUCHI Toshino/Léger’s Ballet Mécanique – On the Process and its Expression –
Book Reviews
ISHIZAKA Kenji/Tsuzuki Masaaki. The Man Who Became a Bird: The Life of Kamei Fumio, A Defiant Film Director
NISHIMURA Yasuhiro/Inui Eiichiro.A History of the Spanish Cinema

No.50, 1993

Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences
A Complete Record:1974-1992
President:ASANUMA Keiji/Foreword
Honorary President: MINAMI Hiroshi/Reminiscences
Treasurer:OTAKE Toru/Reminiscences
Vice-President:MANABE Shinsei/Reminiscences
Annual Conferences 1st (1975) – 18th (1992)
Research Group Activities
(1) Research Committee Subdivisions
Monthly/Public Meeting and Forums, Video Research Group, Animation Research Group (I), Image Copyright Research Group
(2) Research Councils
Film History Research Group, Film Documentation Research Group, Image and Museum Research Group, Computer Graphics Research Group, Animation Research Group (II), Psychology of the Image Research Group
Regional Activities─Kanto Region, Kansai Region, Kyushu Region, Tokai Region
Complete Table of Contents of JASIAS Periodical Publications
ICONICS (Japanese Edition) No.1 – 49
ICONICS (International Edition) Vol.1 – 2
Miscellanea of JASIAS Bulletin
JASIAS Constitution
Submission Procedures

No.51, 1993

A Special Issue on “Image and Reporting”
INUBUSE Masakazu/News with Photographs:The Myth of the Photo Image as Unmediates Reality and Decline
YOSHIDA Naoya/Subjectivity in Reporting News
NOZAKI Shigeru/News Media and Investigative Reporting
SUZUKI Shiroyasu/Myth of Fact and Recording: From Image to Illusion
TSUZUKI Masaaki/Make Images Tell the Truth: Kamei Fumio’s Views on Documentary Report
MURAKI Yoshihiko/The New Wave of Television News: 24 Hour Regional News Station, USA Articles
IKEDA Yoko/”Ecriture” in the Form of Film: From an Analysis of India Song, a Film by Marguerite Duras
OKUMURA Masaru/Meanings and Problems of Formative Analysis in Film Studies: David Bordwell’s Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema
Book Review
YAMAMOTO Kikuo/HIRANO Kyoko. Mr.Smith Goes to Tokyo:Japanese Cinema under the American Occumation, 1945-1952

No.52, 1994

A Special Issue on Transformations in the Sense of Reality
KAMBAYASHI Tsunemichi/Über das “Realistische” in der Kunst
SEKIJI Kazuko/The Photograph: Altering Senses of the Real
ASANUMA Keiji/Représentation et citation, ou réalité et image
MITAMURA Shunsuke/Holographic Reality
ITO Toshiharu/Interactivity and Sence of Reality
KAWAGUCHI Yoichiro/The Art of Artificial Life Metropolis
TOSA Naoko/Transformation of Emotional Reality: The Era of the Artificial Life Character Article
KAWATA Miho/La Temporalité de la photographie
Book Reviews
YAMAGATA Hiroshi/Kondo Masaki. Eizo, nikutai, kotoba (The Image, Body and Word)
INAGAKI Takashi/Michel Chion. Le Son au cinéma

No.53, 1994

Special Issue: Chromosome of Photograph
KONDO Kojin/The Image, Eye and Manazashi
SONÉ Sachiko/A partir de l’invention de la photographie: sur les rapports entre la photographie et l’art
INUBUSE Masakazu/Archeoligy of photography: from a viewpoint of the 16th century epistemological background
NISHIZAWA Emiko/L’école impréssionniste et la photographie: Courbet, Manet et Monet
NAKAMURA Koichi/’Fine Art’ Photography in the Context of the Film History: Cinematic Elements Found in British Photographs of the 19th Century
ASAI Toshihiro/Commentable phtotographs
MORINAGA Jun/Photograph and Vision
WAKI Rigio/Considerations on Modern Photographic system that respests the human & the environment
HASE Masato/Emergence of the Censorship: The Police and Moving Pictures in the Taisho Era Book Reviews
MURAYAMA Kyoichiro/Madeleine Malthête-Méliès, Méliès, L’enchanteur

No.54, 1995

Special Issue: Inheritances from the 100 Years of Cinema (1)
IWAMOTO Kenji/Cinema in the Age of Reproduction
TOGAWA Naoki/Cinema on it’s Scientific and Technical Phases
YAGI Nobutada/100-years anniversary of the invention of film
KOGA Futoshi/”Le Japon de l’ère Meiji” et le catalogue Lummière
FUKADA Hitoshi/An Essay on the Relationship Between the Museum of Art and Film in Japan Today
MAKINO Mamoru/Bibliographical Research on Film Aesthetics in Early Japanese Cinema: Nakagawa Jurei’s “Shokuhai Bigaku
HASEGAWA Akiko/”Espace Raunaud’
HARUGUCHI Iwao/”Visualization of Music in Real-time Computer Graphics”
Book Reviews
OGASAHARA Takao/Slavoj Zizek (dir.), Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur Lacan sans jamais oser le demander à Hitchcock

No.55, 1995

Special Issue: Inheritances from the 100 years of Cinema (2)
KAMIKURA Tsuneyuki/Deleuze on Cinema
NAKAGAWA Kunihiko/A Drifter’s Filmology
NADA Hisashi/The Technical and Aesthetic Norm of Pathe-body Filmmaking in Japan (1929-1932)
KATO Mikiro/A Historu of Movie Theaters and Spectators in Kyoto, the Capital of Japanese Cinema
TAKEDA Kiyoshi/Une tentative de lecture de Paris qui dort: vers la constitution d’une Histoire du discours cinématographique
NISHIMURA Yasuhiro/The Beginning of the Italian Horror Film: Mario BAVA’s “Black Sunday/ La mascherae del demonio”
HASE Masato/The Archeology of Lumière’s films
YOSHIMURA Kenichi/Photography and Scopic Regimes
Book Reviews
AMANO Kazuo/Mitsui Hideki, Technology Art: Theory of the 20th Century Art

No.56, 1996

SHERMANN Susanne/The Origins of Narratology in the Field of Film Analysis
TAKEDA Kiyoshi/Le Paradoxe d’une maturité: l’évolution du discours critique sur l’œuvre de René Clair
SHIGEMASA Takafumi/Between Advertising and Criticizing: On the “Cinema Chips” problem
MAEDA Shigeru/De la classification deleuzienne des images dans Cinéma 1 et 2
TOYOHARA Masatomo/Imaging Technology and the Transformation of Vision
SHIBATA Kazutoyo/On the Aesthetic Education in the “Optical” Age
AIUCHI Keiji/An Introduction to Media Installation Art: On the Combination of the Media and Artistic Contexts
Book Reviews
OKUMURA Masaru/Sato Tdao, History of Japanese Cinema

No.57, 1996

Special Issue: Beyond the Boundaries of the Media
ASAI Toshihiro/Reality and Virtual Reality
OKI Keisuke/Perception and Image Agents
ITO Toshiharu/New Approaches to Unconsciousness
KIMURA Tatsuya/The Real and the Imaginary – From “Classical” Movies to “Modern” Movies and…
INA Shinsuke/Video Art and Television – on some aspects concerning Television Art – 
HAMANO Yasuki/Toward the Next Centennial Film Making
Book Reviews
KAWADA Tokiko/NISHIZAWA Emiko, Le Labyrinthe de LiveFessai sur l’image et l’écriture

No.58, 1997

HASEGAWA Akiko/Light,trace of Light
MATSUI Yasunori/Photograph and Description
Aaron GEROW/Zigomar and “Discovery” of Cinema:Introduction to a Discursive History of Japanese Film
HIRAKAWA Daisaku/All your dead dead:an Analysis of Samuel Beckett’s Eh Joe
YOSHIZAWA Tiki/The Politics of Blindness
YOKOTA Masao/A love-making symbol in Miyazaki’s animation films
AKITA Takahiro/”Kokkyo no Futari” An Origin of Sonoyama Shunji
Book Reviews
HASE Masato/KATO Mikiro,  (1) Hollywood Film Genres, Mikiro KATO,  (2) Politics of the Look: The World War II of Hollywood Film
Computer Image
NAKAGAWA Kunihiko/MITSUI Hideki, Fractal Form
INUBUSE Masakazu/ (1) Joel Eisinger, Trace and Transformation: American Criticism of Photography in the Modernist Period, (2) Eleanor M. Hight, Picturing Modernism: Moholy-Nagy and Photography in Weimar Garmany, (3) Arthur C. Danto, Playing with the Edge: the Photographic Achievement of Robert Mapplethope

No.59, 1997

SAITO Ayako/Theory as Manifesto: Rethinking Feminist Film Theory in the 1970s
FUJIKI Hideaki/Assimilating Melodraema into Motion Pictures: Practices of the American Film Industory in 1908
KITADA Rié/Le sous-titrage et le doublage an cinéma pendant la période de transition entre le muet et le parlant
NAGATA Yasushi/The Entrance of Sound: From Vertov to Stalinism of Soviet Cinema
TAKEDA Kiyoshi/Retour et renouvellement: l’évolution du discours critique consacré à l’œuvre de René Clair (1947-1957)
TANIGAWA Mami/Photography in Contemporary Art: toward a new photographic expression
MAEKAWA Michihiro/A Construction of WWW oriented MMDB
Book Reviews
FUKUHARA Masayuki/ETO Shigehiro, Method of Image Art Criticism: Reading, or Invitation to the Labyrinth of the Cinema

No.60, 1998

ICHIKAWA Yasushi/Space in contemporary photography
OKUMURA Masaru/Nationalsoziolistische Filmpolitik
Mitsuyo WADA-MARCIANO/Creating the Modern in Japanese Cinema:An Analysis of My Neighbor, Miss Yae (1934)
ISHIDA Minori/Representation of History: The Melodramatic Realism in Roberto Rossellini’s Roma città aperta
YOSHIDA Hiroyuki & YOKOTA Masao/Determinant of experienced fear by facial fearures among the visual media
Book Reviews
ETO Fumio/HIRANO Kyoko, Mr.Smith Goes To Tokyo: Japanese Cinema Under the American Occupation
NOMURA Azusa/Susanne Schermann, Mikio Naruse: The Splendor of the Ordinary
SAWAMOTO Noriyoshi/Alan Trachtenberg, Reading American Photographs: Images as History, Mathew Brady to Walker Evans

No.61, 1998

TANIGAWA Mami/Significance of Monochrome Photographs in Contemporary Art
KODAMA Sachiko/New Images Found by Ben F. Laposky and John Whitney: A Converting Point from Analog to Digital in Computer Art
TANOGASHIRA Kazutomo/Un essai sur le rôle de la musique dans le cinéma – Au point de vue du temps─
AOYAMA Masaru/La dynamique de l’adaptation cinématographique: le cas de Lettres d’amour de Claude Autant-Lara (1942)
Mitsuyo WADA-MARCIANO/Creating “Women’s Cinema” in Shochiku Kamata Cinema:Reading Burden of Life(1935)
Book Reviews
NAGATA Yasushi/IWAMOTO Kenji, Russian Avantgarde:Cinema and Theatre

No.62, 1999

SAKAMOTO Hiroshi/The origin of the word “Eizo”
FUJII Jinshi/THe 1930’s in Japanese Film History: Problems of the Trasitional Period from Silent Picture to Talking Pictures
FUJIKI Hideaki/Negotiation in Making Senese of Documentary: Its Reception in America of the 1930s
KITANO Keisuke/On the Concept of Contemporary film theories
IIMURA Takahiko/A Semiology of Video (Note II)
Book Reviews
MURAKI Yoshihiko/SHIGA Nobuo and KUMABE Norio, The Age of Digital HDTV: – Hi-Vision Renaissance – 
MURATA (IKEDA) Yoko/YOSHIDA Naoya, Image Within and Without

No.63, 1999

HASE Masato/Japanese Cinema and Totalitarianism: On Tsumura Hideo’s Film Critiques
ITAKURA Fumiaki/The Politics of the Film Production Process: An Analysis of Kurama-tengu using Non-Film Materials
SASAGAWA Keiko/The Wartime Hollywood Musicals: Escapism or Propaganda?
KATAYAMA Manabu/Le caractére de le cinéma chez Etienne Souriau – La comparaison entre le cinéma et des arts –
SHIBATA Takashi/Body Theories of MacLuhan
Book Reviews
TOGAWA Naoki/TAKAHATA Isao, 12th Century Japanese Animation: Film and Animation techniques as seen in Emaki Scrolls Designated National Treasures
CHIBA Kumiko/NAKAJIMA Sadao, Four Days of Cinema: Nakajima Sadao’s Lectures on Film Production
TOYOHARA Masatomo/IWAMOTO Kenji and TAKEDA Kiyoshi and SAITO Ayako, Theories of Film: A New Anthology vols. 1, 2
INUBUSE Masakazu/Nancy M. SHAWCROSS, Roland Barthes on Photography: The Critical Tradition in Perspective
INUBUSE Masakazu/Rolf H. Krauss, Walter Benjamin und der neue ßlick auf die Photographie

No.64, 2000

IZUNO Chita/La Réalité comme dispositif: Sur la notion du realisme chez André Bazin
KITANO Keisuke/On Theorizations of Narrative in Contemporary Film Theories
KITADA Rié/L’exploitation et la réception des films parlants à Lausanne, Ville multilingue
HASEGAWA Yoshikazu/Concerning the Movies on realism of Shanghai Movies in the Early Times
WADA Shinichiro/Rethinking psychoanalystic approach in film studies: An Analysis of Story of the Last Chrysanthemum (1939)
YAMAMOTO Mayumi/Letters in the Contemporary Art
Book Reviews
TAKEDA Kiyoshi/ASANUMA Keiji, Essai sur les qutre films de Robert Bresson: du cinéma au cinématographe
KATO Mikiro/Janet BERGSTROM, ed., Endless night: Cinema and Psychoanalysis, Parallel Histories
FUJIKI Hideaki/Ruth VASEY, The World According to Hollywood, 1918-1939.

No.65, 2000

FUJIKI Hideaki/Japanese Modernity and an American Cinema Star:Circulation of Clara Bow Image
ISHIDA Minori/An Essay on “White telephone (Telefoni bianchi)” under the Facist regime in Italy in the 1930’s
SASAGAWA Keiko/Anticipating the Better World: Hollywood Musical Narrative during World War II
Book Reviews
KITAMURA Hiroshi/Mick BRODERICK, ed., Hibakusha Cinema: Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Nuclear Image in Japanese Film