_Iconics_, the international edition of the journal of the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences, has recently come out with its 11th issue (2014) featuring articles in English, French, and German on Japanese and world cinema, photography, and digital images.

Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS
《International Edition》

『ICONICS』VOLUME-1 1987 \2,000.-

KONDO Masaki/The Intersection of Mi(Me-Body)and Tai(You-Body)in Photography
ASANUMA Keiji/La naissance d’une narration:Essai d’une lecture de la premi­ère phase de l’histoire du cinéma
Michel COLIN/La Sémiologie du cinéma comme science cognitive
David WILLS/Theories of Spectacle/Spectacles of Theory
TAKEDA Kiyoshi/Le cinéma auto-réflexif:quelques problémes mèthodologiques
Jacques AUMONT/La toile:l’écran, le tableau
IWAMOTO Kenji/Film Criticism and the Study of Cinema in Japan:A Historical Study
YAMAMOTO Kikuo/Ozu and Kabuki
SATO Tadao/La dialectique du jeu des acteurs et de la caméra
HIRANO Kyoko/The Banning of Japanese Period Films by the American Occupation
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『ICONICS』VOLUME-2 1992 \2,000.-

Dudley ANDREW/The Eye and the Mind of the Movies
Jacques GERSTENKORN/Cristallisations
YABU Toru/Art and Photography─Concerning the Modern Movermint in Design
NADA Hisashi/An Aspect of the Reception of Avant-Garde Film in Japan
Susanne SCHERMANN/Die Stummfilm von Naruse Mikio─Shochiku-Kamata,1930-1934
Gideon AVIVI/A Portraite of the Artist as a Feudal Democrat:on MIZOGUCHI’s Utamaro and his Five Wimen
HAMAGICHI Koichi/Getting Spots or Chronic Hay Fever:A Man Who Could Not Become a Soldier and the Home Front of Small-Town America
KOGA Futoshi/A Review of Pronographic Images in the 1970’s in Japan─Centered around “Nikatsu Roman Porno Film”
KITANO Keisuke/An Examination of Busby Berkely’s Extraordinary Films of the Early 1930’s
Title Index of Back Numbers of 《ICONICS no.37-46》(Japanese Edition)

『ICONICS』VOLUME-3 1994 \2,000.-

ASANUMA Keiji/Le Tombeau de Christian Metz
Marc VERNET/Le Fétiche dans la théorie et dans l’histoire du cinéma
John BELTON/Sound Technology and Film Style
NADA Hisashi/THe Little Cinema Movement in the 1920s and the Introduction of Avant-Garde Cinema in Japan
A.A.Gerow/The Benshi’s New Face:Defining Cinema in Taishō Japan
ONIKI Yuji/In Search of the Real Ozu from “the West”
USAMI Shōzō/The Making of the Interactive Multimedia Program “The Secret of Aunt Mariko”
Title Index of Back Numbers of 《ICONICS no.47-52》(Japanese Edition)

『ICONICS』VOLUME-4 1998 \2,000.-

Philip ROSEN/Old and New : Image, Indexicality and Historicity in the Digital Utopia
Michéle LAGNY/Histoire sans passé : film et construction du temps historique
KATO Mikiro/Seeing Holocaust Films
HASE Masato/Cinemaphobia in Taisho Japan : Zigomar, Delinquent Boys and Somnambulism
SAITO Ayako/Madame de Melancholy
Susanne SCHERMANN/Die eigenartige Faszination des Regisseurs Naruse Mikio
Chidananda DASGUPTA/Modernism and Mythicality in the Films of Satyajit Ray
NISIZAWA Emiko/Essai sur la peinture moderne et la photographie
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ICONICS no.1-3》 (International Edition)
ICONICS no.53-59》(Japanese Edition)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences

『ICONICS』VOLUME-5 2000 \2,000.-

Frank KESSLER/In the Realm of the Fairies:Early Cinema between Attraction and Narration
TAKEUCHI Keiko/”The Way We Were”:Michael Balcon and Alfred Hitchcock in British Cinema
KITAMURA Hiroshi/Since You Went Away, World War II, and Classical Hollywood’s Discourse of Entertainment
OKUMURA Masaru/Über den Einfluβ der Deutschen Wochenchau auf die japanischen Nihon Nyusu während des zweiten Weltkrieges
HARA Mariko/How Far Are Japanese Wartime Newsreels Reliable Academic Sources?:A View from the Perspective of Socio-cultural Anthropology
Jerome F. SHAPIRO/The Bomb, Japanese Aesthetic Traditions, and Japan’s Most Important Film:Gojira
Scott BUKATMAN/The Boys in the Hoods:Glossing the Urban Superhero
WATANABE Aiko/Consuming Nostalgia:Screen Adaptations of British Literary Classics in Postmodernity
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vol.4(1998)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.60(1998)-No.63(1999)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences

『ICONICS』VOLUME-6 2002 \2,000.-

Donald CRAFTON/Planes Crazy:Disney’s Transformations of Pictorial Space
Jean-Pierre ESQUENAZI/Qu’est-ce qu’un film?
FUJII Jinshi/Films That Do Culture:A Discursive Analysis of Bunka Eiga, 1935-1945
KITADA Rié/Sous-titres du muet:de l’art muet au parlant à travers la presse francophone
MINAGUCHI Kiseko/Yamamoto Satsuo’s Haha no kyokuMother’s Melody):Making a Father’s Story of Stella Dallas
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-5(1987-2000)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.64(2000)-No.67(2001)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences

『ICONICS』VOLUME-7 2004 \2,000.-

Francesco CASETTI/Film:The Gaze of its Age
Erkki HUHTAMO/Elements of Screenology:Toward an Archaeology of the Screen
Laurent JULLIER/Pour une “histoire naturelle” des styles cinématographiques
FUJIOKA Atsuhiro, translated by Lori HITCHCOCK/Function and Form in the Early Period of the Nyusu eigakan (News Movie Theater)
Michael FITZHENRY/Journalistic Film ─ A Trend in Japanese Cinema in the 1920s and 1930s
FUJIKI Hideaki/Dual Persona:Onoe Matsunosuke as Japan’s Early Cinema Star
INUI Yukiko/Delivering Coal Mines:Advertising Photographic Postcards of the Coal Mining Industry in England
NOZAKI Yasuo/Kinokultur und die Entstehung der Filmkritik im Berlin der Weimar Republik
USUI Michiko/Hitchcock’s “Restricted Space”
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-6(1987-2002)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.68(2002)-No.71(2003)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences

『ICONICS』VOLUME-8 2006 \2,000.-

Francesco CASETTI/Film: The Gaze of its Age
PARK Pyung-jong/La transparence et l’opacité de l’objet visible
SATOW Morihiro, translated by Lori HITCHCOCK MORIMOTO/Representing “Old Japan”: Yokohama Shashin and the Visual Culture of the Late 19th Century
NOZAKI Yasuo/Die Lichtspieltheater als Brücke zwischen Architektur und dem Medium Film
Cobus VAN STADEN/Exporting Stories : Global Capitalism, Narrative Design and Anime
AKAI Toshio/An Entirely Political Text : A Study on Tamil Films and their Socio-Political Background
TSUTSUMI Ryuichiro/Finding an Alter Ego : The Triple-Double Structure of Brother
KURIHARA Utako/Performative and Auditory Characteristics of the Audiovisual CD Books Midnight Play and Alphabet based on Květa Pacovská’s Picture Books
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-7(1987-2004)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.72(2004)-No.75(2005)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences

『ICONICS』VOLUME-9 2008 \2,000.-

Victor Margolin/Representations of Ethnicity in USSR IN CONSTRUCTION, 1930-1941
Earl JACKSON, Jr./Entertaining Otherness: Difference and Identity in Contemporary Japanese Cinema
Stephane SYMONS/Philosophy and Cinema: Siegfried Kracauer’s Theory of Film
UEDA Manabu/Child Spectators and the Modern City in the Early 1910s: An Analysis of Kisha katsudô shashinkan
KINOSHITA Kosuke/Focalization and Point of View in the Cinema
SASAKI Yûsuke/La problematique postmoderne de Raymond Depardon
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-8(1987-2006)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.76(2006)-No.79(2007)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences

『ICONICS』VOLUME-10 2010 \2,000.-

Martin Lefebvre/Pragmatism and the Interpretation of Films
Marc Cerisuelo/La Fin du Grand Sommeil de l’Introuvable Dame du Lac
A. L. Rees/Liquid Cinema and the Watery Substance of Vision
Okubo Ryo/Kinodrama and Kineorama: Modernity and the Montage of Stage and Screen in Early Twentieth-Century Japan
Kanno Yuka/The “Eternal Virgin” Reconsidered: Hara Setsuko in Contexts
Ryan M. Cook/Strange Bedfellows: Hasumi Shigehiko and Ōshima Nagisa on Sex, Censorship and Cinema
Yamamoto Naoki/Where Did the Bluebird of Happiness Fly?  Bluebird Photoplays and the Reception of American Films in 1910s Japan
Jonathan M. Hall/Kneeling on Broken Glass: Psychoanalysis and Japan Film Studies
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-9(1987-2008)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.76(2006)-No.83(2009)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences

『ICONICS』VOLUME-11 2014 \2,000.-

OKUBO Ryo/The Magic Lantern Show and Its Spectators during Late Nineteenth-Century Japan: Control of Perception in Lantern Shows for Education and News Report of Sino-Japanese War
WASHITANI Hana/The Revival of “Gentou” (magic lantern, filmstrips, slides) in Showa Period Japan: Focusing on Its Developments in the Media of Post-war Social Movements
Contents of Back Issues of ICONICS, vols. 1-10(1987-2010)
Contents of Back Issues of Eizōgaku, No.84(2010)-No.91(2013)
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences

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