Contents of Back Issues of Eizogaku
《ICONICS Japanese Edition》Nos.66-85

No.66, 2001

FUJII Jinshi/On Bunka Eiga: Analyzing the Discoures of “Culture Film” in 1935-1945
HORI Hikari/Aru hobo no kiroku (A Caregiver’s Record): Representation of Working Women and Resistance in Wartime Japan
OSAWA Joe/Squareness, Duration and Children:A Textual Analysis of Shimizu Hiroshi’s Films
YAN Ni/The Japanese Reception of Chinese Cinema in the Postwar Period: Concerning Early “Peoples Cinema”
KIMURA Tatsuya/Self-Reflexivity in Movies: Gilles Deleuze on the “Crystal-Image”
IMAI Ryusuke/David Cronenberg: The Filmmaker of Bodily Metamorphosis
ORORI Yasuhiro/National Museum of Ethnology, Special Exhibition “Ethnoligy and Rise of Cinema: From Shadow Theater to Multimedia”
HAMANO Yasuki/Present Situation and Future Problems of Digital Cinema
Book Reviews
YOSHIZAWA Taiki/YOMOTA Inuhiko, ed., Film Director MIZOGUCHI Kenji
AOYAMA Masaru/Jacques Aumont, Alain Bergala Michel Marie, Marc Vernet, Esthétique du film
KANEKO Masakatsu/HASE Masato, The Ontology of the Image:Mystery and Pleasure
YOSHIMURA Izumi/ETO Shigehiro, Toki o Kakeru Shojo: Cinematic Variations of a Nouvel
NAKAMURA Hideyuki/KATO Mikiro, What is Cinema?

No.67, 2001

KOBAYASHI Sadahiro/The Narrating Voice: On the Reception of Novels and Films
FUJII Jinshi/A Nonexistent Shot and Its Vicissitudes: The “China Incident” and Japanese Film in 1937-1941
SHIMURA Miyoko/When the Women Becomes a Cat:On Hiroku Kaibyōden, a “Monster Cat” Film
ISHIDA Minori/Beniamino Gigli and Cine-opera: An Essay on the Italian Cinema During Fascism
KINOSHITA Kosuke/Rhetorical Narrator(s) in Fictional Films
SAITO Ayako/”NOTORIOUS:Alfred Hitchcock and Contemporary Art”:An Exhibition at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
INUBUSE Masakazu/”The Wonderful World of Japanese Animation Culture”:A Special Exhibition at Utsunomiya Museum
KIMURA Tatsuya/YOSHIMI Shunya, ed., Media Studies
IIOKA Shiro/Lisa BLOOM, ed., With Other Eyes: Looking at Race and Gender in Visual Culture
KANEKO Ryuichi/Dawn ADES, Photomontage
NAGATA Yasushi/Neya ZORKAYA, The Illustrated History of Soviet Cinema
KAWAMURA Ken’ichiro/John A. WALKER, Sarah CHAPLIN, Visual Culture: An Introduction

No.68, 2002

NAKANO Yasushi/Expression of Conflict:An Intoroductory Reading of the American Horror Film
FUJIOKA Atsuhiro/Exhibition in the Early Years Newsreel Theaters and It’s Function
HORI Hikari/Women of the Night(1948)as Framed by the Occupation Era in Japan:Negotiations between Text, Critics, and Female Spectators
JŌUMARU Mika/On the Portrait in Photography
OSAWA Joe/The Japanese Première of the Digitally Restored Version of Metropolis at the Kyoto Film Festival 2001
HAMAGUCHI Koichi/IKUI Eikoh, The Memories of the Lost War: The Vietnam War in Perspective
Mitsuyo WADA-MARCIANO/Joanne BERNARDI, Writing in Light: The Silent Scenario and the Japanese Pure Film Movement
ONO Yasuo/Serge TISSERON, Le Mystère de la chambre claire
ASANUMA Keiji/Susan RAY, ed., I Was Interrupted: Nicholas Ray on Making Movies
NADA Hisashi/SATO Hiroaki, NISHIMURA Tomohiro, and the editional staff, ed., Practical Cinematography on Super-Avangarde
MATSUMOTO Natsuki/IWAMOTO Kenji, Centuries of the Magic Lanterns in Japan:A History of Visual Cultures before Cinema

No.69, 2002

USUI Michiko/A Reconsideration of Hitchcock’s Rope
MATSUMOTO Kentaro/Toward the End of Language: The Change of Visual Relation in the Semiotic Texts of Roland Barthes
MORIMURA Maki/A Change in the Keyhole Film Genre in Early Cinema
KAWANAKA Nobuhiro/Japanese Experimental Cinema ’50s-’70s: A Screening Report
KUSAHARA Machiko/SIGGRAPH2002: Computer Graphics Has Changed the Notion of Reality
MURAYAMA Kyoichiro/KATO Mikiro, The Realm of Cinema
HIDAKA Yu/KONDO Kojin, Don Quixote’s Photography: The Play of Manazashi and Memory
SAZAKI Yoriaki/SATO Tadao, A Reading of Itami Mansaku’s Draft on Directing Acting
MASUDA Rei/IGUCHI Toshino, Hungarian Avant-garde: MA and Moholy-Nagy

No.70, 2003

INUI Yukiko/”Memento Mori” in Early Photographic Postcards from Coal Mine Disasters in Britain
NOJIMA Naoko/Terayama Shuji’s Views on the Cinematic Apparatus: Comments on His Experimental Film Entitled Chōfukuki (1974)
JŌMARU Mika/Reproducing Time-On Sugimoto Hiroshi’s “Portraits”
WADA Shin’ichiro/The Visual Media as “Apparatus”: Crary and Virilio
INA Shinsuke/On the Exhibition “FUTURE CINEMA”
KITADA Rié/Le cinéma suisse muet: voyage dans l’histoire du cinéma suisse, rapport sur le 21e Giornate del Cinema Muto de Pordenone
TAKEDA Kiyoshi/”Kimura Takeo,an Art Director for Film”: An Exhibition at the Kawasaki City Museum
TOMITA Mika/The Japanese Film Heritage – From the Non-film Collection of the National Film Center
FUJIKI Hideaki/KITANO Keisuke, A History of Hollywood
KIROIWA Toshiya/MITSUI Hideki, Media and Arts-Arts Revolution by Digital Media
MAEDA Shigeru/On the Anglo-American Reception of Deleuze’s Study of Cinema (1): From a Philosophical Understanding to a Rethinking of Film Studies

No.71, 2003

JANG Jieun/The Emergence and Evolution of Community Theaters in Japan
SUZUKI Kiyoshige/The Effect of Movie Editing on the Perception of a Movie:A Psychological Study on the Kuleshov Effect
KINOSHITA Kosuke/Methods of Character Construction: Greating Characters in Classical Cinema
SATOW Moihiro/Representing “Old Japan”:Yokohama Photographs in Late Nineteenth Century Visual Culture
NII Rie/Specificity in the Image Archiving of Clothes and Costumes:Focusing on the Digital Archive of the Kyoto Costume Institute
OGASAHARAR Takao/J.TANAKA Memorial:Japan Film History Festival in Nitta
SAITO Ayako/5th Women’s Film Festival in Seoul(2003.4.11~18):It’s a “Must-See” Festival for Women, and for Men, Too
KAMIYA Makiko/Aaron GEROW, ABE Mark NORNES, ed., In Praise of Film Studies:Essays in Honor of Makino Mamoru
FUJII Jinshi/NAKAMURA Hideyuki, Allegory of Noir:Film Noir and the Transformation of Cinema Culture
YOSHIMURA Ken’ichi/HASE Masato, NAKAMURA Hideyuki, ed., Cinema and Modernity
MAEDA Shigeru/On the Anglo-American Reception of Deleuze’s Study of Cinema (2): Toward a Foundation for Alternative Film Studies

No.72, 2004

KIM Ryeosil/What Was Arirang – Formation of Korean Anti-imperialist Film
NOZAKI Yasuo/Über die Darstellungen der Stadt Berlin in den deutschen Filmen der zwaziger Jahre
HIRANO Dai/Analyse de réalisation d’un documentaire traitant du processus de fabrication d’un objet matériel – la stratégie et les tactiques du tournage
OKUMURA Masaru/Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2003
SUGAWARA Yoshino/Toward the Fertile Film Culture through Community Cinema:A Report on Film Exhibition Network Conference 2003 in Osaka and Film Festival Convention
ISHIZUKA Hiroshi/The Kansai Summer Film Seminar 2003
NOZAWA Kimiko/YOMOTA Inuhiko, SAITO Ayako, Wakao Ayako, Actress
KAWAMURA Ken’ichiro/National Film Center (The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo), Redefining the Tasks of Film Archives: Records of the International Film Symposium (Tokyo, 2000)

No.73, 2004

HAN Yanli/Chinese Cinema during Transition Period from Silents to Talkies: Cantonese Films and “National Defense Films”
OKUBO Kiyoaki/Naruse Mikio in New York: From Wife! Be Like a Rose! to Kimiko
NOZAKI Yasuo/Der mediale Raum im Film. M und andere deutsche Filme
ISHIZUKA Hiroshi/Toei’s Goup Period Films and Konoe Jushio
TABATA Akeo/Regional Informatization Policy and High-Vision
YOSHIKAWA Naoya/A Report on the International Peak Forum of Photography Education
ISHIZAKA Kenji/The Future of the Public Screening & Community Cinema Movement: A Report on the Film Exhibition Networrk Confeence 2004 in Kōchi
JOMARU Mika/MAEKAWA Osamu, The Optics of Trarces-About Walter Benjamin”s Optical Unconsciousness
WASHITANI Hana/YOMOTA Inuhiko & SAITO Ayako(ed.), Between men, Asian Cinema: Homosocial Desire
NAKANO Yasushi/Ester LESLIE, Hollywood Flatlands: Animation, Critical Theory and the Avant-Garde

No.74, 2005

AN Ni/From a Legendary Heroine to a National Symbol: On the Ambiguity of the Explanations of Hua Mu Lan
YO Anri/The Connection between the Body and “The Subconscious of the Video Machine”: Focusing on Pipilotti Rist’s Video Work [Abusolutions] Pipilotti’s Mistakes (1988)
NADA Hisashi/OGINO Shigeji’s Absolute Films?
KITADA Rie/Les films multilingues en Suisse et l’essor de son cinema apres la Seconde Guerre mondiale
KADOBAYASHI Takeshi/The Infancy of Media: McLuhan on TV
HAN Yanli/Facing the Big Wave of Chinese Cinema: A Report on the Second Chinese Film Critics Symposium in Hong Kong
HIDAKA Yu/Site Graphics
SATOW Morihiro/Ann Wilkes Tucker, Dana Friis-Hansen, Kaneko Ryuichi, Takeba Joe, eds., The History of Japanese Photography
TODA Masako/IMAHASHI Eiko, 20th Century Photography and Paris Myth
MAEKAWA Osamu/Masato Hase and Hideyuki Nakamura (eds.), The Politics of Film
KOBAYASHI Nobuyuki/WADA Shin-ichiro, Ontology of Media-Heidegger and Virilio
NAKAMURA Hiseyuki/IWAMOTO Kenji (ed.), Japanese Film and Nationalism 1931-1945, Film and Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere in World War II

No.75, 2005

HAN Yanli/From Overseas Chinese to Chinese American: A Study of Chinese Language Films Made in America from 1933 to 1948
ISHIDA Minori/The Unique Reception of Luchino Visconti’s Films and Its Cultural Influence in Japan
YI Youngjae/Between Nationality and Imperial Locality ― National Representation in The Wedding Day
MIZOBUCHI Kumiko/”Literature Films” as “Revival of Literature”: A Reconsideration of the “Literature Film” Boom in Mid – 1930s Japan
IRIE Yoshiro/An Exhibition on the First Japanese Movie Star: A Report on “Onoe Matsunosuke and the Culture of Period Films”
KINOSHITA Kosuke/David BORDWELL, Figures Traced in Light: On Cinematic Staging
NIWAYAMA Takahiro/Stanley CAVELL, and William ROTHMAN, eds., Cavell on Film
KANEKO Masakatsu/Gilles DELEUZE, Francis Bacon: Logique de la sensation
OKUMURA Masaru/Klaus Kreimeier, Die Ufa-Story. Geschichte eines Filmkonzerns
ITAKURA Fumiaki/MINAGUCHI Kiseko, Cinema Maternity: The Japan-U.S. Representation of Mothers Focusing on Mimasu Aiko
ISAKA Yoshiyuki/YOKOTA Ansei, The Task of a Documentary Filmmaker
TAKAHASHI Chiaki/KONDO Kojin and SUGA Keijiro, eds., How to Talk to Photography

No.76, 2006

HATA Ayumi/Mobilizing Coices: Radio Announcers and Benshi in Japanese Documentary of the 1930s and 1940s
USUI Michiko/The Cinematic Text’s Representation of Villainy: Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train
SASAKI Yusuke/Rethinking Contemporary Roman-Photo: Duane Michals and Sophie Calle
MIZUNO Masanori/A Particular Relationship between the Image and the Mark in Sigmund Freud’s Wunderblock and Ivan Sutherland’s Sketchpad
KANEKO Ryuichi/The Reprinted Edition of NIPPON
MATSUMOTO Natsuki and TSUGATA Nobuyuki/The Discovery of Supposedly Oldest Japanese Animation Films
WASHITANI Hana/The Symposium on “Film/ History/ Feminism” at Meiji Gakuin University
MAEKAWA Osamu/Zwischen Wirklichkeit und Bild
OHASHI Masaru/Alternatives in Cinematic Expression: Creative Deviations in the 1960s Japan

No.77, 2006

MISONO Ryoko/The Call of the Childhood Songs: Music, Motherhood and Nationalism in Kinoshita Keisuke’s Nijushi no hitomi
YING Xiong/When EXCESS Interpellated Indivisuals: “The Cultural Revolution Cinema”(1966-76), Great Wall at South Sea (Nanhai Changcheng, 1976), and Politicized Masochism
AKAI Toshio/Images Segmented: A Study of the Texture of a Film Song Sequence in Indian Popular Films
YAMAMOTO Sae/The Export of Japan’s Image: Japanese films Screened at New York World’s Fair, 1939
USUI Michiko/The Exhibition in memory of IMAMURA Shohei at Waseda University
HASHIMOTO Jun/KITANO Keisuke, How the Japanese Cinema has been received in the United States?
YOSHIMURA Izumi/Terry Christensen, Peter J. Haas, Projecting Politics: Political Messages in American Films
MAEDA Shigeru/Slavoj Žižek’s Reading of Hitchcock

No.78, 2007

UEDA Manabu/Child Spectators and the Modern City in the Early 1910s: An Analysis of ‘Kisha katsudo shashinkan’
HATAKEYAMA Muneaki/Decompositional Counterpoint: On Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible
AKASAKI Yoko/Avant la Nouvelle Vague―La liaison entre le groupe court-métragiste « Groupe des Trente » et la génération suivante
KAWAMURA Kenichiro/An Exhibition on Toshio Matsumoto
OKADA Hidenori, ITAKURA Fumiaki/Kenji Mizoguchi Retrospective
INUBUSE Masakazu/2006 Daegu Photo Biennale
USUI Michiko/ASANUMA Keiji, On Film Narrative: Capricci in the Themes of SevenCineastes
AN Ni/SATO Tadao, Hundred Years of Chinese Cinema
KADOBAYASHI Takeshi/Wada Chin’ichiro, Media and Ethics ― Can the Screen help a World without Pity?
HORI Junji/YANAI Tadashi (ed.), The Adventure of Cinematographic Thinking: Life, Reality and Possibility

No.79, 2007

WASHITANI Hana/Construction from Ruins: Refractive ‘Americanism’ in Wartime Japanese Cinema
MIURA Tetsuya/Le suspense de base et la pitié de Sisyphe
IRIE Yoshiro, ITAKURA Fumiaki/A Report on the 63rd FIAF Coongress in Tokyo, 2007
PARK Giryung/A Report on NAM JUNE PAIK Exhibition and Paik’s Museum in Korea
SAKAJIRI Masahira/TAKEDA Kiyoshi, René Clair ou Les paradoxes d’un miroir
KINOSHITA Kosuke/Warren BUCKLAND, Film Studies
HIDAKA Yu/IMAHASHI Eiko, Brassaï : au delà des frontières à Paris (Brassaï : Crossing Boundaries in Paris)
ISHIDA Minori/NOJIMA Naoko, Reading Terayama from a Lacanian Perspective
IIOKA Shiro/SHIMURA Miyoko, YUMIKETA Aya, Ikebe Ryo, Actor
NAKAYAMA Akihiko/SAITO Ayako, Japanese Film History Series “Cinema, Body, Sexuality”
OKAMURA Tadachika/Jean Narboni, Mikio Naruse  Les temps incertains

No.80, 2008

OKUBO Ryo/Kinodorama and Kineorama
KAMIYA Makiko/How “Man” Should Live: The Personae of HASEGAWA Kazuo and FURUKAWA Roppa during the Wartime
KAWASAKI Kohei/The China-Japan Joint Symposium on “Contemporary Studies of Image and Visual Culture” at Nanjing Arts Institute
SAITO Ayako/David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, Film Art: An Introduction, 7th edition
NAKAMURA Hideyuki/Colin MacCabe, Godard: a Portrait of the Artist at Seventy
SHIMURA Miyoko/OGAWA Naoko, Tate as a Culture: A Study of Samurai Films

No.81, 2008

MATSUTANI Yosaku/L’image vague, l’image excédentaire: l’expérience de l’image dans le cinéma des premiers temps, qui n’est pas réduite aux rédimes de l’attraction et de la narration
NIITA Chie/Influence of Radio on Musical Films: Relationship of American Entertainment Industries in the Early 1930s
SUZUKI Kohei/Große Fotografien der Becherschule: Eine Betrachtung über Phantasien um die Fotografie
SHIMURA Miyoko/Miyamoto Musashi at “the Bottom of the Decisive Battle”: Kan Kikuchi’s Ken-sei Musashi-den and Kenji Mizoguchi’s Miyamoto Musashi
USUI Michiko/”Japanese Media: Utsushi-e (Japanese Magic Lanterns), Katsudo-Syashin (Movies), and Benshi (Narrators)”: A Special Exhibition at the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum of Waseda University
KAMIYA Makiko/A Report on the Masahiro Mikino Retrospective at his Centenary
KOGA Futoshi/On the Exhibition “Madame Kawakita, Her Life and Films”
Mitsuyo WADA-MARCIANO/Aaron GEROW, Kitano Takeshi
KINOSHITA Kosuke/FUJII Jinshi (ed.), Contemporary Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction

No.82, 2009

DOGASE Masato/The Emergence of “Film Director” in Japanese Modern Times; 1910s Discourse Formation of Embryonic Director System
HASEGAWA Koichi/Machine and Movement: A Study of Keaton’s Automobile Gags
OGURA Fumi/Laughinh at a Soldoer: The Descent and the Phase of Army Comedy (Heitai Kigeki)
TOMODA Yoshiyuki/Ideas on the “Image Debate” or “Image and Language Debate”: On Montages, Film Language and the Synthesis of the Arts
ISHIDA Takehisa/Historical Study on a Case of Media Mix: High Definition Television and Film
KAWAMURA Ken’ichiro/TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki & ISHIZAKA Kenji, Amidst the Sea of Documentary: Dialogues with Tsuchimoto Noriaki
HATANO Tstsuro/IWAMOTO Kenji & TAKAMURA Kurataro (supervisers) / IWAMOTO Kenji, OKUMURA Masaru, SAZAKI Yoriaki, MIYAZAWA Seiichi (eds.) Encyclopedia of World Cinema

No.83, 2009

OKUBO Ryo/The Lantern Show and Its Spectators in Late Nineteenth-Century Japan: The Management of Spectators’ Perception in Educational Lantern Shows and Sino-Japanese War Lantern Shows
KAWASAKI Kohei/Baseless Double: The Phases of Intermittency in Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s Doppelgänger
MATSUTANI Yosaki/Vibrations of Color: Hand-Coloring in Early Cinema
UCHINO Hiroko/HIDAKA Yu, Reading Contemporary American Photographs: Toward Democratic Vistas

No.84, 2010

HAYASHIDA Arata/Constellation and Nebulosity: Aspects of “Photojournalism” in the “Natori-Tomatsu Dispute”
MATSUTANI Yosaku/Vibrating Image and the Rigid Body: The Relationship Between Image and Medicine from the Late 19th to the Early 20th Century
WARTANABE Daisuke/Plots and Themes in Social Educational Films of Taisho Period: A Case Study of Takamatsu Toyojiro
SHINOGI Ryo/Jean Burgess & Joshua Green, YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture
MURAYAMA Kyoichiro/OKUMURA Masaru, Film and War: Desire to Shoot / See War Image

No.85, 2010

HASEGAWA Shiori/Edward S. Curtis’ Ethnology: Competing Aspects between Actuality and Narrative in the Cinema of Transitional Era
MIZUNO Masanori/The Cursor is the Switchover Entity between the Real and the Virtual: Two Works about the Cursor by Exonemo
HASEGAW Koichi/Horold Lloyd’s Characteristic “Connected Chase” Sequence: Comparison between Mack Sennett’s Slapsticks and Girl Shy (1924)
IWAKI Akihisa/Cinema as an Image Generation System: Bergson and the Cinematographical Mechanism of Perception